Civil Air Patrol

Sandy Springs Cadet Squadron

Serving Community, State, and Nation Since 1963

Squadron Achievements
One Saved Life (May 1, 1989)

5 Outstanding Unit Citations

Multiple Mission Target Finds

5 Decades of SAR Missions

2 National NCC Titles (1976/ 77)

Several Wing Level NCC Titles


Emergency Services Training

CAP e-Servicese-Services LoginLink to CAP Web Information
Getting started in Emergency Services: the General ES (GES) RatingHow to take the GES test
IS Courses are easy if you know the gouge
CAP National HQ GES test and material access
Gear ListStandard Gear List
Ground Team Trainee
Ground Team Member
Ground Team Leader
Alist of the gear required and recommended for FTXs. Very useful for when packing.
Ground Team ToolsCoordinate Conversion ToolAutomatically Converts UTMs and Lat. /Longs.
ES Resources PageES Resources Web PageAn excellent web page for ES information and links for ES tools.
Georgia Wing ES Page (restricted access)Georgia Wing ES Page
Ground Team Task Guides ("Green Book") and Training MaterialGreen Book
On line Ops courses and examsCourses & Exams
CAPF 161 Emergency Information SSCS CAPF 161 The CAPF 161 with the current commander's contact information. This file is editable so you can neatly type the information.